Appendix 5
List of recommendations

Chapter 10 – The Commercial List and specialisation in the High Court

R45 New courts legislation should empower the Attorney-General, with the concurrence of the Chief High Court Judge, to establish panels in the High Court by Order in Council.

R46 The precise number and placement of those judges on a panel should be a matter for the Chief High Court Judge, although no judge should spend more than 50 per cent of his or her time on a panel.

R47 There should be a senior High Court judge assigned as the head of any panel.

R48 Matters of practice and procedure relating to any panels should be considered by the Rules Committee.

R49 A commercial panel should be established in the High Court, with a jurisdiction largely mirroring that of the Commercial Court in London, with the addition of intellectual property.

R50 The commercial panel should be regarded as a pilot project, and the Chief High Court Judge should be required to report on its operations to the Attorney-General, 24 months after its establishment.

R51 The Ministry of Justice should ensure that further and better particulars of the classes of work being processed in the trial and appellate courts are made publicly available, in its Annual Reports, and on the Courts of New Zealand website.

R52 The Commercial List and any accompanying rules should be dissolved.