Appendix 5
List of recommendations

Chapter 3 – Rules of court

R6 Existing processes for the making of rules relating to practice and procedure, and other specified matters, in the District Courts, High Court, Court of Appeal and Supreme Court should continue.

R7 Rules for all the above courts should have the status of regulations.

R8 Existing powers to make rules for each of the above courts should continue, but, for the High Court, the enabling provision in new legislation should be extended to include the power to make rules relating to:
(a) Attachment orders;
(b) Discovery against non-parties;
(c) Freezing orders;
(d) Search orders;
(e) Contempt;
(f) Charging orders;
(g) Possession orders;
(h) Arrest and sequestration orders; and
(i) Enforcement of judgments or orders.