Appendix 5
List of recommendations

Chapter 7 – Part-time and acting judges

R25 New courts legislation should enable part-time judicial appointments for a specified period in all courts below the Supreme Court.

R26 There should be flexibility to enable a judge to work part-time for a specified period up of to five years prior to retirement in all courts below the Supreme Court.

R27 Part-time appointments should only be made with the agreement of the Attorney-General and the relevant Head of Bench.

R28 The statutory number of District Court judges should be reconsidered, and adjusted if necessary, to better reflect the District Courts’ workload, and to minimise the need for acting judges in the District Courts.

R29 An acting judge should only be appointed during the illness or absence of any judge, or for any other temporary purpose, or to fill an office required to be held by a judge.

R30 The appointment of an acting judge should only be made on the certification by the Chief Justice or Chief District Court Judge (as appropriate) that the appointment is necessary for the proper conduct of the court in respect of which the appointment is to be made.

R31 Only former judges under the age of 75 years should be eligible for appointment as an acting judge.

R32 Appointment as an acting judge should be for a specified period of up to two years.

R33 Reappointment as an acting judge should be possible, for a maximum of five years in total.

R34 A retiring judge should be paid, beyond his or her retiring date, only for the period he or she is actually working, at the appropriate daily rate.